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E. Stanley Jones addresses cultural, social, and personal issues in our society and lives today and offers Jesus as “The Way” for a meaningful and abundant life. Please partner with us to tell people about a new type of humanity which lives the principles of Jesus and promises hope with a future. There are many ways you can give such as stock, investment income, gifts from your IRA including mandatory distributions, outright cash and more. Your gift can:

  • Adopt a Jones book to be updated and you can dedicate it to someone.
  • Fund production of a book video for small group study.
  • Underwrite the creation of a children’s book.
  • Fund a teaching guide.
  • Fund the production of a quality documentary about the life and ministry of E. Stanley Jones.

The E. Stanley Jones Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. The United States Internal Revenue Service Code permits the amount that US residents donate, which exceeds the fair market value of the goods or material(s) a donor receives from the Foundation, to be tax-deductible.

or send your gift to:

E. Stanley Jones Foundation
10804 Fox Hunt Lane
Potomac, MD  20854

Thank you for helping people discover Christ. Your generosity is appreciated.