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E. Stanley Jones Chairs



Clockwise from front: Dr. Jeffrey Conklin-Miller, Dr. Joon Sik Park, Dr. Sergei Nikolaev, Dr. Brian Stone, Jane Wood (FFE President), Dr. Daniel Shin, Dr. Mark Teasdale

The E. Stanley Jones Professors of Evangelism are positions at Methodist/Wesleyan-tradition Seminaries and schools of theology around the world including positions in Germany, Russia and Zimbabwe. The Foundation for Evangelism initiated these professorships in 1984 and continues to provide funding to support the professors’ work.

These professors prepare the next generation of leaders for ministry in the local church through classes in evangelism, missions, and a variety of other disciplines all taught with a focus on evangelism in the spirit of John Wesley. Through ongoing research and publication, these professors reach far beyond the seminary walls to educate and equip clergy, laity, and youth for evangelism ministries that bear fruit in the 21st century local church.

These exceptional Christian leaders and teachers impact lives across the denomination and around the world.

Jeff Conklin-Miller faculty .Divinity School headshot

Jeffrey Conklin-Miller
Duke Divinity School
Durham, NC, USA
ESJ Professor since 2015


Achim Härtner-Reutlingen


Achim Härtner
Reutlingen School of Theology
Reutlingen, Germany
ESJ Professor since 1993


jack_jackson-claremont (1)


Jack Jackson
Claremont School of Theology
Claremont, CA, USA
ESJ Professor since 2010




Henry (Hal) H. Knight III
St. Paul School of Theology
Leawood, KS, USA
ESJ Professor since 1993



Sergei Nikolaev

Moscow Theological Seminary of The United Methodist Church
Moscow, Russia
ESJ Professor since 2005




Joon Sik Park
Methodist Theological School in Ohio
Delaware, Ohio, USA
ESJ Professor since 2000




Douglas Powe, Jr.
Wesley Theological Seminary
Washington, D.C., USA
ESJ Professor since 2004




Angel Santiago-Vendrell
Asbury Theological Seminary, Orlando
Orlando, FL USA
ESJ Professor since 2010




Daniel Shin
Drew Theological School
Madison, NJ, USA
ESJ Professor since 2012




Bryan Stone
Boston University School of Theology
Boston, MA, USA
ESJ Professor since 1998




Mark Teasdale
Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary
Evanston, IL, USA
ESJ Professor since 2009




Position Vacant
Gammon Theological Seminary
Atlanta, GA, USA




Position Vacant
Africa University
Mutare, Zimbabwe

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