Our Principle Core Value

“Jesus is Lord, and if we have any doubt, we can simply recall the resurrection on the third day. Put out the candles, the sun is up. Jesus is alive now, and Jesus is Lord.” – Dr. E. Stanley Jones

Our Mission

The E. Stanley Jones Foundation is dedicated to preserving and extending the legacy of the late E. Stanley Jones who blessed millions of people around the world with his preaching, teaching, and prolific written works proclaiming Jesus is Lord. The Foundation will utilize all available technological means for distributing the intellectual property to appropriate entities that will use these tools to build the Kingdom of God; including but not limited to universities, seminaries, churches, and individuals.

Our Vision

  • Reach every generation with the message of Jesus Christ.
  • Enlighten spiritual growth through educational and inspirational venues.
  • Prepare devoted Christian leaders and followers of Christ.
  • Make known the Kingdom of God today.