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The Divine Yes

This, the final book from E. Stanley Jones, is one he never saw in final form. It was published after his death through the loving efforts of his daughter, Eunice Jones Mathews and her husband, Bishop James K. Mathews. They devotedly brought together in orderly form the recordings Dr. Jones has made while in the hospital recovering from a stroke and set them forth beautifully into the contents of this book. The book is an expansive commentary on Moffatt’s translation of 2 Corinthians 1: 19-20. “The divine Yes has at last sounded in him, for in him (Christ) is the Yes that affirms all of the promised of God.” Chapter after chapter gives answers to the basic questions related to the Christian life. The books opens with a tribute statement by Jones’ daughter and ends with a nine page account by Bishop Mathews of his gratitude to God for such a life – the life of E. Stanley Jones.