The Kingdom of God

My E. Stanley Jones Story: I met Dr. Jones at Skyland Methodist Church in Atlanta, GA. It must have been 1972 because I had just come to Christ with my whole heart one year earlier. Dr. Jones seems fascinated with my mentor and friend, Jim Pirkle, who later became a medical doctor and captivating speaker. The two of them got off in a corner, even though the room was full of people. In excited tones, they talked about the things of the Kingdom. Dr. Jim Pirkle still attends that church and leads people to gaze at Jesus and glance at everything else. I am now 68 years old and am energized to bring the Gospel of the Kingdom of God to men through the non-profit organization I started in 2009. Dr. Jones continues to mentor me, primarily through the devotional, In Christ.
 Buz Mayo