“Let’s see what Stan (ESJ) has to say”

Kim and I are gigantic fans of E. Stanley Jones (ESJ) and the ESJ Foundation. I wish I could tell the whole world about ESJ, his amazing life and writings, and the awesome work of the Foundation. I believe I own almost every book ESJ has written and my life has been blessed immeasurably through his ministry. 

My wife and I have breakfast every morning and talk about what’s going on in our lives. Then, before we pray, we say, “Let’s see what Stan (ESJ) has to say” and Kim reads from whatever ESJ devotional we are reading at that time. And, usually, we say “Wow!” because ESJ is addressing the very thing we are going through, or whatever wisdom he is sharing blows our minds. He is the third person at our breakfast table or actually the fourth because Jesus is also with us. We love what you do at the E. Stanley Jones Foundation and want to continue supporting your ministry as possible. 

Kim and Dale Walker

Rensselaer, NY