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The Christ of the Mount

“Men need nothing so much as a working philosophy of life and an adequate way to live.” With this statement, E. Stanley Jones begins an incisive study of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, speaking to the importance of the Sermon as a valid, vital, and practical way to live. This sermon strikes at the whole selfish, competitive idea underlying modern economic life and demands that men cooperate in love or perish in strife. This book is a ringing call for a new type of humanity living out the principles of Jesus. At the heart of the Sermon on the Mount is the person who calls us to life on the “narrow road.” Life built on Jesus is built on a solid rock and will stand all the storms. One man put it, “We cannot get away from Christ in religion any more than we can get away from Copernicus in astronomy and still remain sound and sane.” So here is a book that describes not just a way of life, but the only way that life will work.