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Christ’s Alternative to Communism

While this book was written in the heyday of communism, it holds a critical challenge to Christians today. When he wrote it, Jones believed that we were on the threshold of “a new world order.” What shape will it take? In those early years, E. Stanley Jones wrote: “I will make a prediction. Communism will be broken from within: it will flounder on the rock of its own amorality. Communism dismisses the moral universe and sets up its own goals as determining right and wrong.” Today, that prediction is proven true. In this book, we see plainly the Kingdom of God as the only viable alternative to atheistic communism. Jones presents the Kingdom of God along with its economic, social, political, physical, and moral implications. E. Stanley Jones calls us to a new beginning on a world scale. Will the church fritter away its energy and time on secondary issues or can we think big enough to implement God’s kingdom, the greatest and most total revolution ever to be presented to human kind?