The Divine Yes


The book is organized around a number of questions which call for an affirmative answer. These are authentic queries. They emerge from real life and from the depths of the human search. These are not all of the problems which plague human existence and trouble the human spirit today, but they are among the important ones. As is often said, “Christ is the answer, but what is the question?” He is the affirmative to such inquiries as these arising from inner deeps. Jesus Christ is the Divine Yes!

My feeling and hope is that this book will prove of particular help to many kinds of people. Among these are the seriously or chronically ill, the discouraged, those who feel themselves badly used of life, or those whose lives seem to have caved in on them. But others, too, should find divine aid and inspiration here. I refer to those earnest seekers after light and truth, old and young alike, who search for solutions to the profound, age-old questions which always address those who take the gift of life seriously and responsibly. They need not despair, for the Divine Yes has at long last been sounded.