Along the Indian Road


The Indian Road is gathering up some of the intensities of the other roads of the world; across the world life is being keyed up. However, there is still a leisureliness about the Indian Road and conversation drifts from subject to subject as fancy suggests. This book partakes of that leisureliness. So, I have been free to discuss many things as we journey along.

But do not think that because the Indian Road is leisurely, it is haphazard and goalless. On the contrary, there is a very serious vein running through the whole journey toward a Goal. And so, it is with this book we go into many bypaths, but the saving thing is that we know they are bypaths. At the close we come out at the Goal. The last word in this book is “Christ”, purposely so. For I try to make Him my last word on everything.

E. Stanley Jones