Christ’s Alternative


Download the preface, forward, and afterward.

This is no book of dry theory, it is a “how to” book. Jones believed that if we fail to deal with the tough issues, we essentially show Christianity and the Kingdom of God as a viable alternative to be weak, hesitant and hopelessly inadequate. Aside from the enormity of this subject, Christ’s Alternative also holds a message for you personally. It strikes at the inner thoughts we sometimes hold about the reality of the Kingdom of God and our place in it. Jones outlines our ontological relationship clearly and his reasoning is cogent and persuasive. See if you agree with his view that the Kingdom of God is the “vast, indefinable and defining, radical, redemptive, refining, transforming, enlivening and powerful key to everything else there is.” Jones writes that whether you recognize and embrace Kingdom principles or not, they will work for us, even if we “stumble” upon them. Prepare to be completely revolutionized and revived for authentic and real life.