Selections from E. Stanley Jones: Christ and Human Need


Throughout his career, E. Stanley Jones has been a witness, an evangelist—bearer of Good News. In spite of all temptation to be something else, whether a lecturer, scholar, or Bishop, he has been and remains an evangelist and a missionary. Mostly he has been a catalyst and as witness has laid everything at the feet of Christ. Along the way Jones dealt with the hard and controversial social, political, and economic issues. He has not sidestepped conflict and has always been prepared to take exposed positions. Few have set forth the gospel of the Kingdom with such incisive clarity. Above all, these excerpts are not merely instructional, but invitational. They invite response, participation, involvement in new life in Christ. To one thing we both can testify: it has been a rewarding activity to choose and compile the selections for this book. In rereading these books we were constantly amazed by their continuing vitality and freshness, and with an astonishingly contemporary flavor. The themes are in no sense passé; rather, the church has not yet caught up with some of these perspectives. In one of his books, Stanley Jones says that there are just two great human needs: “light on the mystery of life and light for the mastery of life.” We trust that help addressed toward these two needs will not fail to shine through these selected passages.