A Heart of Wisdom: The Long-awaited Diary of Mabel Lossing Jones


Mabel Lossing Jones’ life was characterized by the highly disciplined use of time. Therefore, she always had time. She was remarkably productive. And she did have a “heart of wisdom. It was to her a gift of God. Consequently, countless people sought her out for counsel. She was a born teacher and educational administrator. She was first hired as a teacher at age sixteen. By the time she was eighteen, she was the principal of a small school. Sometimes the students were older and bigger than she was. But she was always insightful, empathic and we could say, creative. Along the way she trained many teachers formally and informally.

– Bishop James K. Mathews

In this book, Mabel Lossing Jones chronicles her encounters, challenges, delights, and frustrations as a school manager in an Indian school. Unlike mission chronicles written by men she employs the genre of story. The short and pointed jottings that are woven together as a narrative describe her experiences with local children and neighborhood communities in India. The stories are witty, exhilarating, and touching. The accounts of everyday life communicate deep insights about the complexities of educating young girls and boys and expanding the mindsets of children in India.

– Dr. Prema Clarke