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Tail Wind: The Robert E. Miller Story


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It is hard to find adequate words to describe the admiration I have for Bob Miller. This man loves other people….Bob absorbs the troubles of the poor and turns those troubles into hope and light. – George McGill, Mayor, Fort Smith, AR

Bob Miller exemplifies how real disciples live in real life. He loves God passionately, seeks to follow Jesus every day, leads with compassion and is generous beyond measure. – Gary E. Muller, Resident Bishop, The United Methodist Church

Bob Miller is a spiritual force, fueled by his love for God. The first time I heard him pray, it felt like God was sitting beside him and listening to what was on Bob’s mind. – Debbie Krause, Board member, Community Rescue Mission

Bob Miller’s life is living proof of a biblical promise and prophesy: The more you see Jesus in others, the more others will see Jesus in you. – Leonard Sweet, Best-selling author, professor, and founder of

Mr. Miller is a shining example of the best of humanity. He doesn’t just preach his faith, he puts it into action every day. He is one of the most faithful, generous and compassionate people I’ve ever met. – Tony Flippin, Oncologist and former Board Chair, Community Rescue Mission


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