Reach a new generation with the message of Jesus Christ, enlighten spiritual growth through educational and inspirational venues, prepare devoted Christian leaders and followers of Christ, and make known the Kingdom of God.

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Spiritual Formation for Christian Leaders


Product Description

Richly illustrated life lessons that will guide and shape the spiritual formation of Christian leaders.

Like E. Stanley Jones, the authors show how you can experience God and launch into the adventure of a lifetime. By conforming to the life Jesus Christ, become a leader who is always a “Christian-in- the-making.”

From the book:

“Amid a sea of spiritual options, this is the fundamental truth upon which true Christian spirituality builds: we live on a visited planet. Other great religions emphasize a philosophy of life, moral teachings, spiritual disciplines, or techniques…By contrast, Christianity focuses on Jesus. It announces the appearance of a flesh and blood person who perfectly embodied his own teachings, actually forgave his enemies, and willingly offered himself on a cross.”


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