More than 3.5 million copies of E. Stanley Jones’ books have been sold and translated into 30 languages for world-wide distribution. During Jones’ lifetime, all proceeds from book sales went into Christian projects, including the United Christian Ashram he began. He gave all of his money away to advance the Kingdom of God. Today, we continue the goal of advancing the Kingdom of God. We have the technological means to convert these spiritual treasures to electronic formats and put them in the hands of all people of all ages. Proceeds are reinvested in the development and distribution of these materials for use by seminaries, youth groups, small groups, churches, and individuals.

Download a printable list of books and booklets by E. Stanley Jones.
Download a printable list of books and other materials by and about E. Stanley Jones (with ordering info).

Me an author of books? It all seems a mistake, for I never intended to be an author. I simply write when I see a need and the urge is upon me. Then somehow I must be educated. The secret is in Jesus. He is the Awakener – Awakener of the total person, including the mind. Since I’ve never felt educated, I’ve made life and people educate me – a lifelong process. My mind has become a magnet, so I pull from every person, every situation, some information, and some truth to further me.

Booklets and Pamphlets:

  • The Strength of Sacrificial Love: The Cross of Jesus Christ – What does it mean?
  • What is Christianity?
  • How to Become a Christian
  • How Does God Guide Us?
  • When Sorrow Comes
  • How Can I Find God?
  • The Way to Power and Poise
  • Motives for Evangelism

Biographies and Studies about or including E. Stanley Jones:

  • The Contribution of E. Stanley Jones by Richard W. Taylor
  • Devotional Classics by Richard Foster
  • A Fisherman for God (DVD)
  • The Life and Message of E. Stanley Jones (DVD)
  • A Love Affair with India: The Story of the Wife and Daughter of E. Stanley Jones by Martha Chamberlain
  • Missionary of the Indian Road: The Theology of Stanley Jones by Paul A. J. Martin
  • Ordinary Man, Extraordinary Mission by Stephen Graham
  • The Spiritual Formation of Christian Leaders: Lessons from the Life and Teaching of E. Stanley Jones by Donald Demaray and Reginald Johnson
  • They Walked in the Spirit: Personal Faith and Social Action in American by Donald Cook
  • The Totalitarian Kingdom of God by Stephen Graham
  • We Remember E. Stanley Jones (DVD)

Books available electronically:


  • Living Upon the Way – Selected Sermons of E. Stanley Jones on Self-Surrender and Conversion Compiled by Anne Matthews Younes
  • Three Hundred and Sixty-Five Days with E. Stanley Jones Compiled and edited by Mary Ruth Howes
  • Sayings of E. Stanley Jones – A Treasure of Wisdom and Wit Compiled and edited by Whitney J. Dough
  • Selections of E. Stanley Jones – Christ and Human Need Compiled by Eunice Jones Mathews and James K. Mathews