Reflections on the Christian History Institute E. Stanley Jones Edition

“Very good. I grew up hearing of him, now I feel I know him.”

To read of those who followed the heart of God to reach “the nations” with the Gospel and blessing of Jesus Christ gives hope and inspiration.

I vaguely remember hearing his name, but didn’t know anything about him until I read the magazine. He really was an amazing person and accomplished a lot. I have to remember that there aren’t many people like him, and I just have to be faithful in my own “small corner.”

When I was a teenager, I met Dr. Jones and he autographed a copy of his pamphlet “How to Pray” during our visit. He is one of my spiritual heroes.

In 1967, my last (Sr.) year at Luther Theol. Seminary St. Paul, MN, I vividly remember the President, Dr. Al Rogness, at our morning chapel, introducing and welcoming E. Stanley Jones as our speaker for the day. Jones was white-haired, about 5’6” or 7” tall and came bounding out wearing a big smile and filled with joy and enthusiasm. The chapel was filled that day with our seminarian classmates, about 300 of us, all sitting on the edges of our folding metal chairs, all eager to be fed the Good News/Word. And boy did he feed us! It was the most memorable chapel service (daily) of my three years there