We all serve ONE who cannot ever be capture by words

I met E. Stanley Jones only one time as/ when he returned to the states. We met at the Memorial Methodist church which used to be on Fredrick Ave. in Baltimore MD. This is not to far from the cemetery where ESJ is buried. I served in the Baltimore Washington Conference for 32 years as a pastor and enjoyed my work and ministry; and served as well when Bishop Mathews was serving there. The 7 churches I served were so important to me and my family. Now I have been in SC since 2002 and served several churches here as well. I have several books by ESJ… The Unshakable Kingdom and the unchanging person, …The song of ascents… Selections from ESJ –Christ and Human Need. Oh how thankful we need to be as we think of the man who made the witness to others about his faith AND who saw the bigness of the Great Mystery and made his effort to try to speak to others of different faith paths or different languages and/ or no faith at all. We all serve ONE who cannot ever be capture by words or ideas that seem to always come up short. But We need to be Moved by the Grace of GOD who works thru all of us and shows no partiality. ESJ saw the big picture and played his part to let Love and Grace .be the guiding path of the kingdom or domain of GOD in the Jesus event. Shalom to all and may this ONE continue to be the Great Mystery that captures your time and energy. – Henry Schwarzmann