My encounter with your book


My name is Andres and I am writing this from the city of Cordoba, in Argentina. My father lend me “Vida Victoriosa” (Victorious Living) by E. Stanley Jones and it was such a blessing. This book is an old 1943 Spanish edition which you can see here:

Both my father and I were greatly touch by the message, the devotions and the inspiring stories. Now we have written some books for the Spanish Christian Church around the globe, and most of them we give away for free, and they get thousands of downloads every day. (

I was looking for this title online so I could download it and read it on my Kindle device, but did not find it in Spanish. I had the idea of scanning the old book and make an ebook so other people could benefit from the excellent reading, but I found your site and wanted to ask you first:

Is it ok with you if I scan the book, make it reflowable text and create an ebook to give away for free? I can give you the files so you can also offer it on your site if you agree (I visited the Documents section but it says “Document deleted by owner”).

If I cannot do this, I hope you may be able to offer this excellent book in Spanish sometime in the future.

May God bless you and prosper you in every way!

Andres Reina