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My Father, Stanley Jones and I

When growing up in India, I was first introduced to the ministry of Stanley Jones through my father. He was a surgeon too (like me), and whilst in medical school, had attended a talk by Stanley Jones which apparently went by the title: “Christianism and Communism.” My father was at the verge of joining the underground (violent) Andhra communist movement – and his encounter with brother Jones’ occurred as he was going to a communist meeting; instead, the title of Br. Jones’ talk intrigued him – and he made the fateful decision to attend Br. Jones instead!

Throughout his career in the Indian Navy as a naval surgeon, my father never forgot the debt he owed Stanley Jones – and I first heard the Gospel from my Father … and of how Br. Jones introduced him to Jesus!

When I was a little older, but even whilst still in high school, I became an ardent admirer of E. Stanley Jones myself – I had stumbled upon his book, “The Way” and it was so full, of Br. Jones’ love for Jesus and of the timelessness of His message, that throughout the many decades following, the book has always been at my elbow (I’m 56 now). Whenever possible, I also give a copy of the book away as a present to friends. An aside – as a young lad of no more than 14, I was overcome by fear of the dark and of the powers of darkness. I followed, step by step, Br. Jones’ instructions in “The Way” – “Steps out of Fear” … and was delivered completely by Christ.

I am now a trauma and general surgeon in Canada (Saskatoon).  I will always be grateful to E. Stanley Jones – and he will be one of the first people I’ll search out to meet, when we get to Heaven.