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Knowing Christian Ashram

I am a convert to Christ from Hindu traditions. I committed my life to share life with the Hindus. I joined a Christian religious college for training in 1963. It was a typical western college. I was disillusioned with Christianity. At that time one person told me that this college is not suitable for converts coming from Hindu tradition. We needed a Christian Ashram to give training. I happened to come across the book Christ of the Indian Road. This book made great impact in my mind. I set it as my life goal to start a Christian ashram to share Christ with the Hindus. In 1990 I started the Ashram project in Thanjavur. I completed my doctoral studies in the area of mission in USA in 1994. The name of my ashram is Karunaiyananthar Ashram. Karunaiyananthar is the indigenous name for Christ given by a local Christian poet. I wanted to visit the Sat Tal Ashram for a long time. Finally, few years back I went to attend the summer program at Sat Tal. Dr. Stanley Jones inspired me and gave me ideas to start a Christian Ashram. I thank God for Dr. Jones who brought a paradigm shift in Christian mission in India.