A Valuable Article From A Friend

I wanted to share with you a piece I wrote a week or so ago about Brother Stanley. I write a weekly (Sunday) devotional piece for the Opelika-Auburn News, a daily newspaper, and this article has had a great response. I wanted you to know this not so you might admire my writing, but to give you more evidence that your marvelous work in making E. Stanley Jones’ messages available is a work the Spirit is blessing and will continue to bless. I salute you for all you have done to let this generation get to know and love Brother Stanley.

I was talking with Elton Trueblood one day, sitting at his feet to learn from his mentoring, when he casually used the phrase, “my friend Samuel Johnson.” I interrupted him and reminded him that Samuel Johnson was a contemporary of John Wesley. He smiled and said, “Walter, that is the great value of books. When we read and digest the writings of people like Samuel Johnson, they become our friends through their writing.” I loved the idea and embraced it for my own and now I call many “ancient” writers my friends! What you are doing is giving thousands of people the great privilege of becoming “friends” of Brother Stanley.

I hope this will be a small bit of encouragement to you in your marvelous ministry.