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Victorious Living

A woman writes to E. Stanley Jones: “I am an average young American mother with two children. I have read several of your books. They are great, but leave me with a terrific thirst… how to get into it (the Kingdom). How does the Kingdom of God deal with my unruly, discontented, selfish, ungrateful, impatient, and sullen self? You paint a glorious picture of living life, but you forgot to tell us what brushes and colors to use when we try to paint the picture. Won’t you write a book about Christ and the Kingdom within?” From that letter and to meet her challenge, Jones begins this book at the basic level and with primary inquiries and responses, begins to answer her questions. He asks, “Is there nothingness at the heart of our existence or is it filled with potential?” Jones examines the victorious life from both the negative and positive perspectives. He writes about our instincts and emotions, as well as the subconscious. Step-by-step, he leads us from false answers to the re-shaping of our nature according to the pattern we see in Christ. Jones writes, “Don’t just cry to God for spiritual equipment. Take it.” Keep saying to yourself, “I can do anything I ought to – through Him who strengthens me.”