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Is the Kingdom of God Realism?

Here with careful analysis and deep perception, E. Stanley Jones presents the Kingdom of God as the way we are made to live, individually and collectively. This conceptualization is in contrast to much contemporary thinking that spirituality is unrealistic idealism, very nice but irrelevant to practical living. Christianity does have its ideals but it is basically a down-to-earth, hard rock reality that we ignore at our peril. Jones quotes William Sadler, “Someday our boasted scientific development, as regards to mental and important improvement may indeed catch up with the teachings of the Man of Galilee.” Dr. Jones continues:” Someday science is going to lay it all down on the table and say, ‘this is the way to live.’ We will look at it and say, ‘why this is the Kingdom of God way.’ They will answer, ‘we don’t know about that but this is the way life works. It will work this way and no other.’”